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Today we will look into the "inner world" of the suit and analyze its most important part - the canvas.

Most of the jackets and suits that you see in mass-market stores are taped - i.e. an adhesive material is located between the fabric and the lining. It was invented to reduce the cost of production and increase the number of jackets produced. no tailor is required for production - the process is fully automated. And this option has a number of disadvantages:

  • rigid construction - does not adapt to the characteristics of the male figure
  • most often contains synthetic fabrics - especially polyester, which is poorly breathable
  • the probability of rejection is higher than that of a half or fullly canvassed jacket
  • over time, the glue will come off and form bubbles that will be visible on the outside of the jacket

We, like expensive brands of men's suits, use three design options when sewing:

1. Half Canvas

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This option has a half canvas, which is located on the chest of the jacket. This design is basic and we often recommend starting with it if a person has this first experience of individual tailoring and has a limited budget.

2. Full Canvas

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The second option has a full canvas, located all over the front of the jacket. This design helps to give the correct shape, which will adapt to the figure of its owner and will be more durable.


3. Full Canvas + HAND SEAMS

The last design option is a full flange with the addition of hand seams, for example, on the armhole for more comfortable hand movement. Such seams are more elastic than machine seams - and manual labor has always been, is and will be in trend.

As a result, the stitching methods can be characterized by the following advantages:

  • durability
  • high flexibility - easily adjusts to the figure
  • excellent air permeability - because consists exclusively of natural materials: horsehair, linen and cotton
  • comfort of movement (especially with hand seams)


Only 1 fitting before getting finished product!

4-5 weeks for tailoring

Made from the finest Italian and English fabrics

The fabric and design will be chosen according to your wishes and taste


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